Pretty polish for spring

Written by Stephanie Meyers. Posted in Accessories

Spring has sprung, and it is finally here to stay! No more clunky coats and weather inflicted hair days. Even better, no longer do we have to hide our fantastically polished nails with mittens and gloves. In honor of beautiful spring weather and inspired by the Spring 2013 Pantone Color trends, I give you four of my favorite nail polish colors to rock for the season.

image (1)Grayed Jade

This beautiful, muted jade is a subtle hint of color that doesn’t overpower your outfit. With just the perfect amount of pastel green, this color is a good compliment to many color stories. Add a hint of shine for a bit of luster and elegance. (Seafoam,, $2.80)




image (3)Nectarine

Bring all the attention to your nails with this warm and bright color. The popping orange hues of this color really shine in a plain polish fashion. Looks even better on your toes with a cute pair of strappy sandals. (Mango Madness,, $2.00)




image (4)Linen

No season is complete without a nude polish. Whether you’re rocking a color-block or color column trend, this tone works perfectly in harmony with your outfit so as not to overpower but to compliment. (Taupe,, $2.80)




image (2)Monaco Blue

If you’re feeling a darker nail color for the season, this deep blue is perfect for you. You won’t be blue if you make this nail statement, I promise! Wear it shimmery for a midnight blue effect or plain for a poignant nail statement. (Dark Navy,, $2.00)




Check out the rest of the Pantone 2013 color trends, pair your colors and enjoy the fun fashions of spring!

— Stephanie

It’s a Cross, Cross World

Written by Asia Jenkins. Posted in Accessories

It’s a symbol everyone has seen in their life, and when worn was either a representation of faith or an adornment mainly seen used by the Goths in many of the teen movies we’ve seen in our lifetime. Yet the cross has now been revamped and is now a stylish piece many people are becoming familiar with.


One quick way people are adopting the look into their everyday wear is through earrings. The look can be found in studs. However, if you want something a little fancier long, dangly earrings are another style they come in. Diamonds are the main form they take, but at times they’re set in a solid gold or silver. The look can even be found in specialty colors like sky blue or purple.


A simple ring is also another way to give this booming look a chance. You can get a cross ring that is either angled straight up and down or sideways. I personally prefer the sideways look. It has a good balance and flow on your finger, and it doesn’t stand out awkwardly when you try to do day-to-day things. With this kind of ring a simpler look is better, so a jewel studded rose gold ring is a great way to wear the look.


The most popular way to wear this look is a bracelet. It’s also my favorite way because there are so many modifications on how to wear a cross bracelet. One look is in the form of a charm bracelet look that consists of a strand of pearls and a little cross dangling from the strands. Another way is a friendship bracelet that uses the cross as a link between the two strands with beads on either side of it. Lastly, my favorite look is an elongated cross connected to a jeweled wristband.

Once again fashion has taken something that was ordinary or not seen as a fashion piece and has spruced it up to give fashion lovers everywhere a new way to play with their personal style.

— Asia

Kent Fashion Week

Written by admin. Posted in Fashion Event

If you missed the Fashion School’s Annual Fashion Show, don’t fret. Kent Fashion Week, which will be held May 2, 3 and 4 at 157 Lounge, serves as an opportunity for the fashion design students to display their collections one more time. We sat down with Joslyn Allen, a senior designer and a major player in the production of Kent Fashion Week, to get the scoop on the big event.

What is the inspiration or purpose behind Kent Fashion Week?

The main purpose is to have something that is free for the public to come and see, and it’s sort of like an extension of the Annual Fashion Show because there were only 24 out of the 70 seniors that got into it. We wanted the public to be able to see a wider range of collections and to be able to see them up close.

What is your role or position in Kent Fashion Week, and how did you get involved?

Well, it’s me, J.J. Fecik, and Mike Pennick, and I guess we don’t really have roles, we just do whatever needs to be done. But I organized the model calls and fittings, and I contact all of the models and designers when things happen. I got involved because I saw Kent Fashion Week last year and thought it was really cool. By the time we were on winter break, no one was talking about doing Kent Fashion Week, so I decided to start a Facebook group to see if anyone wanted to do it. Both J.J. and Mike wanted to do it, so we all sort of worked together on it.

How many years has it been running?

This is only the second year, so it’s really new. But it was really successful last year, and it was more interesting than a fashion show, and we thought that it was cool that the designers sort of got a spotlight for their collections and were able to explain their collections. It’s new, but we hope that it continues.

Will it be set up in more of a runway or presentation style?

It’s a presentation, definitely. We have two collections showing at a time, and they’re 20- minute time slots, so there are six collections every hour. There’s going to be a collection on either side of an open space in 157 Lounge, and the models will be up on podiums.

— Cassandra