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Name: Blair Eadie

Style: Ultra-femme with a sophisticated urban twist

Why you should follow: Hands down, Blair Eadie owns the wardrobe of your dreams, but more importantly, the way she puts each look together and reinterprets the way each piece can be worn over and over again make her a true style inspiration. Her look always makes a statement without ever being too outlandish. It’s easy to dissect how and why each outfit works, and while always unique, each one is distinctly Eadie. Follow her at


The Man Repeller

Name: Leandra Medine

Style: Quirky, high-fashioned, NOT boyfriend approved

Why you should follow: Leandra Medine dresses for herself without apologies. She recognizes the fact that her out of the ordinary look is attention grabbing and leaves men scratching their heads in confusion. Although you may not want to look to her style for date night inspiration, her ability to layer and pull off the runway’s most difficult trends makes her blog a must read. Her style has grabbed the attention of major fashion magazines like Harper’s BAZAAR and Marie Claire. Follow her at

Sea of Shoes

Name: Jane Aldridge

Style: A little bit country, a little bit rock ‘n’ roll

Why you should follow: Jane Aldridge is fearless when it comes to personal style. Her beautifully composed and photographed blog documents her exceptional taste and love affair with vintage apparel. Eadie of Atlantic-Pacific may have the most covetable wardrobe, but Aldridge, well, as the name of her blog implies, no one can touch her sea of shoes. As one of the blogosphere’s most well known personalities, Aldridge, along with several other popular bloggers, has had the opportunity to contribute to the book “Style Yourself,” and she has been featured in New York Magazine. Follow her at


Plain T-Shirt

Name: Jace Lumley

Style: East Coast with an urban edge

Why you should follow: Jace Lumley’s blog proves to men that there’s so much more to fashion that just polos and jeans.  He shows men that great style has depth and experimenting with what you wear can be a wonderful, liberating thing. He’s also super loyal to his readers, regularly answering questions and offering his suggestions. Follow him at



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