How to: Old Hollywood Glamour

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1. Apply foundation, concealer, blush and bronzer as you usually do, blending where necessary and adding a touch of highlighter to the cheekbones, brow bone and bridge of your nose.

2. Next, create a winged-eye with black liquid eyeliner. Lining only the top, apply along each lash line as usual, then take the index finger from your opposite hand and pull back and up slightly on the skin. Continue the line you started before, drawing about one-fourth of an inch toward the outer edge of your eyebrow. Repeat on the other eye.

3. Lightly apply brown shadow to the crease of your eye to add contour. Then dab a small amount of sheer white loose powder to the eyes’ inner corners.

4. Cover the entire area of your lips with a nude lip liner to prevent lipstick from bleeding and help it last all night long. Apply red lipstick in an appropriate shade for your complexion. If unsure, a safe bet is to choose a classic, rich deep red, or more simply, head over to your favorite beauty counter for an expert’s recommendation.

5. Finish it all off by applying volumizing mascara and filling in brows for a look that’s both polished and classic.



1. Begin with a smooth, blown out base before sectioning the hair into three parts. Separate the first section by parting the hair across the top and drawing it forward from ear to ear. Twist it and then clip it out of the way. Draw a part down the middle to separate the last two.

2. Using a three-fourths inch barrel curling iron, curl one-inch pieces inwards toward your face, continuing until you’ve completed the entire head.

3. Set with hairspray and allow it to cool completely.

4. Once hair has set, finger comb through your strands for large, loose retro waves, making sure that your part sits deeply on the side and is aligned with the arch of your eyebrow.

5. Spray with hairspray one last time to lock in the look.


—Karen Zapp

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