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I love shopping. I mean I really love shopping. I love buying things, I love going to the stores and I really love brining those purchases home.

Sometimes I buy useful things like black pants, jeans and tights. Other times I buy completely ridiculous things like say a long sleeve, red, beaded dress that may weigh five pounds. (I mean what girl doesn’t have one of those hanging her closet?)

But then there are the rare occasions when I just happen to pick something up and buy it because its pretty inexpensive and looks cute in the store. These purchases are the best ones. At first, I like them and then the more I wear them the more I love them. I would almost call them magical purchases.

They say when you buy something you should figure out the cost per wear, that way you will get your money’s worth of that item. Well a few items in my closet are basically paying me now for the amount of times I wear them!

These inexpensive items are now my wardrobe staples:

1)     The sweater– OK, technically my sister found this sweater but I stole it from her. It was only 50 cents at a thrift store. It’s super soft and the best part is … it’s Christian Dior!

2)     The skirt– The skirt was only $12.50 at Forever 21, and I have had it for three years. It just a basic blue navy skirt that goes with everything and always comes in handy.

3)     The shoes– They were only $10 dollars at Payless and are also incredibly comfortable. Usually the shoes I buy have to be broken in, which means blisters. But that’s not the case with these shoes, which is another reason I love them.

4)     The scarf and the necklace– The scarf may be the love of my life. It’s just a giant blanket to wear around my neck, and I am rarely seen without it. It was only $9.80 at Forever 21. The necklace is also from Forever 21, and it cost less than $5. It goes with everything and it’s a little robot, which makes it unique and a little nerdy.

These might be my favorite items, but what is your favorite find? Leave a comment on the story or tweet us at @Fashion_blitz to tell us what your all-time favorite pieces are.



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  • Jackie


    I found some very cute Betsy Johnson socks for $3 each at Gabes


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