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Ashley’s resolutions:


1. Play up an outfit with different textures.

Along with color and fit, variation in texture can give even the simplest of outfits more character. My first resolution is to incorporate many elements of textures within certain looks, while still maintaining fluidity. As seen in my photo, the rough texture of the denim blouse paired with the sleek feel of the pants can create a more interesting aesthetic.

2. Avoid wearing sweatpants in public.

During the bitter cold winter months, it’s tempting to want to make a quick stop to the grocery store in sweatpants and a loose-fitting hoodie. I’m aiming to keep the sloppy attire strictly for lounging around the house this year.

3. Coordinate outfits with more of what I normally don’t wear.

A new year is a perfect opportunity to update and change your style. I want to evolve my own style even further by challenging myself to wear more of what I usually skimp on, such as hats and belts.

4. Get more creative by doing DIY projects.

Instead of spending money on a bag with fringe accents, this year I’m opting to turn it into a fun (and inexpensive) project and do it myself. A quick trip to the craft store for supplies can transform a plain shirt or handbag into one of this season’s most lusted-after pieces.

5. Step out of my own boundaries.

Everyone has outfits or certain pieces they frequently turn to whether it’s out of habit, laziness or it’s just within their own comfort zone. In 2012 I want to break away from any lack of creativity or inspiration and constantly experiment with different looks.

—Ashley Jaros

Missy’s resolutions:

1. When lacking inspiration, wear a neon accessory.

There’s no hiding from it: Neon is back and in full force. Some might think this trend should have remained in the ‘80s, but I feel that neon accessories are the perfect addition to spice up any ordinary outfit (like the one pictured).

2. Invest in a coat that will be warm enough to wear when going out but light enough to carry.

Don’t be that person in class who everyone dreads sitting by because you keep coughing up a lung. Invest in a second coat that might not be tundra-approved but is warm enough to wear downtown and light enough that you don’t mind holding it once you get there.

3. Reduce your time spent at the laundromat. Make your weekend day outfits something that can easily be transformed into a night outfit.

Nobody likes spending their entire Sunday at the laundromat, so eliminate a load or two of laundry by wearing an outfit during the day that can transform into a night outfit with different accessories or by swapping boots for heels.

4. Support more charitable fashion retailers.

Who doesn’t receive pleasure from shopping for a good cause?

5. Wear lipstick because I like it, regardless of what others may think.

Red, coral, cinnamon, pink — I’ll be wearing them all in the new year, Kent, so get ready! Lipstick is a simple and chic way to update an outfit without spending much money, so I’m not backing down this time around.

—Missy Pasquale


Karen’s resolutions:

1. Invest in a few tailored pieces that will last a lifetime … or at least the next decade.

As I enter my last semester and prepare to enter the “real world,” I’d like to really concentrate on mixing high-quality tailored pieces with the less-expensive fast-fashion apparel and accessories in my closet. To me, it’s a great way to express my style, but still appear polished enough to be taken seriously.

2. Become more adventurous when experimenting with color palettes and mixed prints.

Although I have an undying love for ensembles made up of unexpected color palettes and complicated mixed prints that miraculously don’t clash, I have a tendency to always fall back on wearing black, especially when in a rush. In 2012 this will end!

3. Streamline my closet by donating the clothing I didn’t wear in 2011.

I’ve always donated my clothing, but this year I vow to really crack down on parting with the clothing to which I’ve developed an unsubstantiated attachment. If I haven’t worn it in a year it probably won’t be worn again.

4. Master vamped-up Gatsby-inspired makeup during the remaining winter months.

I’ve always loved to experiment with makeup, and often pick one trend seen on the runway to try out. Throughout the rest of winter I plan on testing and perfecting the rich lip colors and smoldering eye shadows shown in the fall/winter shows that evoked the high glamour of the gilded 1920s.

5. Let go of my insecurities and stop second guessing my style instincts.

It happens all the time, I walk out the door completely styled head to toe and then halfway to class I second guess how I look. This year I want to trust my instincts and feel confident in my decisions and appearance.

—Karen Zapp


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    Shouldn't the headline on the main page of Kentwired read: Ashley, Missy and Karen share their fashion resolutions for the new year. …not Ashley, Missy and Karen'S share their fashion resolutions for the new year.


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