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Fashion Blitz — ’70s Revival

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Missy’s pick:

Every spring I look forward to the day I devote to transitioning my closet from the dark, heavy fabrics of winter to the breezy, silky materials of summer.

This ensemble, inspired by Kate Hudson’s character from the movie Almost Famous, is the perfect 1970-inspired clothing for summer. The white silk dress is light and accentuates skin’s summer glow while the silk cardigan aids as a funky depth to this dress’ simplicity.

The addition of chunky jewelry also compliments the dress’ simplicity without making the ensemble overdone.

While I chose to style this ensemble with a simpler pair of brown sandals, the sandals could be replaced with a strappy pair of embellished sandals to add additional detail to the ensemble.

Or you could add a flower behind your ear to complete this truly eclectic look.

—Missy Pasquale






Glitter, Glitter Everywhere

Written by Jackie Onderko. Posted in Accessories, Trends

Forget the simple, boring manicures that we have worn for years, and focus your attention on the nail trends seen during New York Fashion Week!  Among the geometric shapes and flesh-colored polish, glitter continues its popularity, but in a new form!

Ombre hair took its turn last fall, and now the ombre trend is coming to nails.  Not sure what “ombre” is?  It is the trend of dark to light in a flowing, natural manner.  Curious on how to achieve the look?  It is really a very simple process.  Here is what you will need:


- Base coat

- Fine glitter polish

- Any type of loose glitter

- Clear topcoat






Step 1- Apply your base coat.  I prefer darker colors so the glitter will have more of a “wow” factor.






Step 2- Apply the fine glitter polish to the top 2/3’s of the nail.  Do not worry about being precise; I actually like it more when they all look a little different.







Step 3- While the glitter polish is still wet, sprinkle the loose glitter to the top 1/3 of the nail.  If the glitter polish happens to dry too quickly, apply a little of the clear topcoat to the tip of your nail and then sprinkle on the glitter.  Again, this does not have to be precise.





Step 4-  Wait for all the polish to dry, then apply a generous clear topcoat.


Now you can enjoy your new glitter, ombre nails- fresh off the runway!