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Wild for Wu

Written by Alex. Posted in Accessories, Retailers

If you haven’t seen the most recent commercials for Jason Wu’s Target line, you’ve already missed out.

Joining the leagues of Versace for H&M and Missoni for Target, Jason Wu has now created a diffusion line for the ever-popular retail chain.

Several days ago, actresses and socialites such as Chloe Moretz and Blake Lively appeared at the private launch event at Skylight SOHO in New York City. Real Housewives of New York starlet Kelly Bensimon (my personal favorite RH season) and Emmy Rossum also made appearances at the launch.

Wu’s line includes hints of classic navy and white symmetrical pieces along with bold pops of color. To me, Jason Wu’s diffusion line will add a new sense of excitement to the cold Ohio weather we’re bound to have.

By performing some of my own research on the Web, I found that his pieces range from 19.99 to $59.99, including accessories. To finally be able to afford designer looks (comparable to those of January Jones, Michelle Obama and Diane Kruger) is a dream come true!

The collection debuts at Target stores and online from Febr. 5 through March 6.

In an interview with Women’s Wear Daily, Wu described his line’s purpose: “This partnership offers an exciting opportunity for me to interpret my aesthetic into a collection made for a broader market…It was very interesting for me to translate my signature touches into a more affordable collection without compromising design and sophistication.”

Jason Wu and Missoni have most definitely pleased customers and impulse buyers of Target. My next wish for Target is a Stella McCartney or Marc Jacobs diffusion line. A girl can dream!


Photo courtesy of Target/MCT


Study Abroad: Victoria in Switzerland

Written by Raina. Posted in Accessories

Today I have an interview with Victoria (on the right in the picture). She is a Kent State student, and a good friend of mine, who is currently studying abroad in Switzerland for the semester. She has also included a couple of beautiful pictures she has taken while there. Enjoy!

Name: Victoria Jackson

Year: Senior

Major: Pan-African studies, Minors in International Business and Political Science

  • What is the time difference between Kent and Switzerland?
    • The difference is 6 hours.
  • Have you discovered any cool shops, restaurants, café, etc. that you enjoy? If so, what are they called?  And, can you describe them?
  • Restaurants here are extremely expensive, so I have only been to a few. The best restaurant I have been to so far is the Spaghetti factory, which I can only describe as Italian fusion. The food was good but expensive. There is an Irish pub, called Mulligans, which is a half a block from our building so we usually will hangout there. The beers aren’t too expensive and the bartenders are friendly. I went to the Salvation Army here and it was really nice. It had a great selection of books in English and a nice clothing section especially the skirts and coats. There is a cafe near my internship that has a really nice tarte tatin. The café is expensive so that was a one-time thing.
  • What is something you did there so far that was a lot of fun?
    • I have done a few fun things. Going to museums, and exploring the city. I took a day trip to France. I went to a town in France just past the Swiss border with some friends; we walked around and went to a pastry shop. A group of us from the program went to a Rave, which was an interesting and unique experience.
  • How is the weather there currently?
    • I love the weather here. Recently it has been around 40 degrees Fahrenheit.  I have only seen it snow twice here, and it was extremely light, did not stick to the ground, and lasted for a few minutes.
  • What are you doing in Switzerland/ What is your reason for going?
    • I am doing the Kent State UniversityGeneva Semester. The internship option for this program is why I am in Switzerland. I am interning with the NGO Group for the Convention on the Rightsof the Child, and I also take classes.
  • What has been the biggest adjustment for you?
    • Folders. Hands down folders have been the biggest adjustment. American style folders are not sold inGeneva. I wish I had brought my own from home. Also nothing is open on Sunday, which is difficult to get used to.