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Headwear: Headbands and Hats

Written by Raina. Posted in Accessories

Headwear is great for many reasons. It can be worn strictly for decoration, or for function. There are so many different styles or looks of headbands and hats. For headbands, I like them to be stretchy, and I wear them around my forehead, instead of pushed back on my head like a regular headband.

And for hats, I like them to either be a slouchy, beanie style, or more fitted. When worn for function, hats and headbands are nice for cold, windy, and rainy weather, to keep your hair in one place, or just for bad hair days. The headwear I have pictured are mostly headbands, and then there are three hats.

They were all purchased at H&M (with the exception of three of them), some recently, and others throughout the past couple of years.

The three headbands in the first row are all the same, but in different colors. They are thick, soft, warm, and great for the winter. In the middle row, the blue and the black headband (on opposite ends) are also the same headbands as well.

As you can see from the blue one, it is meant to have a knot in the front, but I manipulate it so there’s not a knot in the front because I don’t like that look for me. The neon pink hat is from Gabriel Brothers (not sure of the brand), and the turban style hat can be found at a hair/beauty supply store.

The camel colored hat is itchy on the forehead, and doesn’t lay flat on the head, but I still wear it anyways. In the third row, the headband on the left is from either Forever 21, or from their accessories store, I can’t remember. It also has the knot in the front, which can’t be manipulated like the others.

You can’t tell from the picture, but it is actually striped, with one fabric having a subtle shimmer to it, and the other just black. The last headband on the right is just a thick, braided, black headband.

You can find headwear at many clothing and accessory stores, you just have to look for them. At some places they can be more expensive, but the ones I bought were all very reasonably priced, and have stayed in great shape.

Also, keep in mind that you can just as easily make your own headband or hat!  That way, you can use whatever material or fabric of your choice, and it’s custom made. Or you can use other items like scarves, rope, ties, whatever you’d like!