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Fashion Blitz — Favorite Rock the Runway looks

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Karen’s pick


While most looks featured sleek solid fabrics Saturday, it was this jumpsuit with a painterly print that immediately caught my eye the instant it hit the runway.

Not only did the designer take a risk with her fabric choice, but she cleverly incorporated one of the chicest trends we saw this past February during London Fashion Week.

The painterly print with sheer accents and tuxedo detailing is definitely futuristic, but at the same time the look could be completely reinterpreted and reworked to fit your everyday life.

Just throw on a blazer and break things up with a simple black belt, and the look is instantly brought back down to earth.

—Karen Zapp






Missy’s pick


This look is from the winning collection Intergalactic Atlantis, a collection boasting the epitome of fine craftsmanship and an eye for detail.

The ruffles on the top of this bustier are delicate and a perfect compliment to the sheer panel running down the side.

The scales on the back of this garment also enhance the garment’s detailing as well as promote the collection’s theme.

Being a lover of accessories, however, I couldn’t help but notice what really enhanced this look overall: the shoes. The wedged heel is painted to look like nebula!

In addition, the dark and jewel tone colors in this garment create an ominous feeling that supports the Atlantis theme and its connection to the galaxy.

—Missy Pasquale




Ashley’s pick


I particularly favored this look because of the cropped top and airy fabric that balances out the otherwise clean and structured lines of the garments.

The color scheme and choice of sleek and lustrous fabric represents the celestial theme well.

The makeup and jewelry really complemented the entire look, giving off a futuristic vibe synonymous with the “unknown.”

—Ashley Jaros