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Spring: Hair and Makeup

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To find out what the trends for hair and makeup are for this spring, I went to Harper’s Bazaar website. They reported the trends straight from the runway and provided pictures to see the different variations of each look.

The top makeup trends they listed were:

  • Red lips  (various shades)
  • Cat eyes (square, drawn out, double lines, etc.)
  • Bold eyebrows
  • “extreme smoky eyes”
  • “Sporty cheeks” (sun kissed, flushed, glowing, peachy, etc.)
  • Metallic silver (on eye lids)
  • Pops of color (on or around the eyes)
  • “Doll lashes”
  • Glitter around the eyes
  • Pink “rosebud” lips
  • Youthful skin

The top hair trends they listed were:

  • Wet hair
  • Ponytails
  • Wavy
  • “embellished updos”
  • Big Blowouts
  • Braids and twists

For the makeup trends, overall I liked the look of all that were posted. However, on myself, I would skip out on a few of these such as the silver metallic eyes, the extreme smoky eyes, the pops of color on the eyes, glitter around the eyes, and the doll lashes.

For the hair trends, I also liked all of those as well (some variations more than others). For myself, I would wear the hair trends that were more toned down and minimal.



Fashion Blitz — Fashion School Store: Part 2

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Ashley’s pick:

The dress I selected from the Fashion School Store this week was sure to stand out with its bold print and beautiful color. From the front, the dress is modest and conservative, but the back is low-cut with elaborate detailing to show just the right amount of skin.

To not take away from the interesting design of the dress, I kept the look otherwise very simple. Nude heels with a pop of red on the sole and a chunky bangle were enough to complete the outfit without diverting the attention from the dress.

The dress was designed by Kent State fashion students and is part of a no-waste collection, where a specific amount of fabric yardage must be used with no leftover scraps.

The challenge of incorporating the entire piece of fabric into one garment makes for a very unique piece with eye-catching detail.

—Ashley Jaros




Karen’s pick:

Sheer maxis with daringly high–slitted skirts are a must-have this season. Because they provide endless styling possibilities, they serve as an excellent base for your daily summer uniform.

Although typically worn as a top layer over hot pants, high-waisted minis, tanks, bandeaus or longline bralettes, they can also add an exciting element beneath your favorite summer sundresses.

Instead of going the typical route, I purposed a sheer, script-printed maxi dress as a slip. With a striped cotton sundress overtop, the dramatic two-tiered effect is simultaneously contrasting and complementary.

The look is perfect for a summer concert or festival, especially when finished with a matching flower head-wrap.

The overall appearance is feminine, graphic and whimsical; a compilation of spring/summer 2012’s leading trends.

—Karen Zapp



Missy’s pick:

This look highlights two of the most intriguing pieces in the Fashion School Store: a cardigan vest that was a student’s “no waste project” and a pants-skirt that we jokingly dubbed “skants” at the shoot.

The draped vest offers an element of casualness to this otherwise sophisticated black and grey look, while the pants-skirt allows for comfort and sophistication.

This pants-skirt’s tailored fit and lustrous sheen create a perfect palette for outfit versatility because they could be worn casually with a graphic tee tucked in [try a retro band tee for added edge], or more playfully with a floral tank.

I chose to take a different route and pair them with a lace corset, leopard purse, gladiators and layered necklaces to create a look that’s organic yet refined, a perfect example of the merchandise you will find when you venture down to the Fashion School Store.

—Missy Pasquale


Modeled by Michaela Neu


Indie Music Inspiration

Written by Jackie Onderko. Posted in Accessories, Trends

While enjoying the weather this weekend, I couldn’t stop scrolling through the millions of pictures of people living it up at Coachella.

I have dreams of attending just so I can see, in person, all the creative ways people choose to dress.

Wanting so badly to attend, I decided to inspire that day’s outfit from all the new, artistic ideas seen at the music festival.

Aiming for a less-than-girly look, I finally broke out my high-waisted black denim shorts.

By pairing them with a tan chunky sweater and combat boots, it helped give the look the edge that I adore.

Of course, I had to add a pop of color, so I chose a pink braided belt.  Finishing off with accessories, I piled my arms high with various textures of bracelets.

— Jackie