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Fashion Blitz — Repurposing your winter wardrobe

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When Mother Nature just can’t seem to make up her mind, dressing for transitional weather becomes infinitely more difficult. Think outside the box by unconventionally pairing your favorite winter pieces with springtime staples and you’ll find getting through indecisive Ohio weather can be a breeze.


Ashley’s pick:

Spring is approaching with warmer temperatures and sunshine, but that doesn’t mean you should pack up and store your winter wardrobe just yet. To extend the use of your winter clothing and to make an outfit appropriate for the weather, couple one or two winter items with your new spring look.

This week, I chose a high-waisted pleated floral skirt along with a slouchy and worn-in dress underneath. The contradicting structures (or lack thereof) of both the garments keep this look from being too sophisticated or too relaxed. I added one of my favorite winter sweaters over for just the right amount of warmth during the spring months.

I finished off the look with one of my recent DIY creations — a detachable collar I made from an old heavier-weight blouse I wore during the winter. OK … so it is not as chic as the one Louis Vuitton perfected so well for their Spring/Summer 2012 collection, but for this look it will do!

—Ashley Jaros



Karen’s pick:

That trusty cardigan may match everything in your wardrobe, but just because it’s a great fallback item doesn’t mean you should wear it every other day. When yo-yoing weather has your style in a rut, creativity is key.

If you were planning on wearing a dress, but tells you otherwise, don’t give up too soon! Carefully examine the dress’s key elements, which are fabric, print and silhouette.

Do you own a sweater that features complementing colors? Although a cardigan may be your first thought, throwing a chunky dolman sweater over top is much less conventional, but still looks effortlessly chic.

My pick this week will give you the best of both worlds. You can still rock the deconstructed tribal print dress you’ve been dying to wear this season, but sensibly maintain a level of comfort that will instantly boost your confidence, even when dressing for the weather seems like a challenge.

—Karen Zapp




Missy’s pick:

Transitioning a winter wardrobe into spring is an invigorating transformation that involves a slow but steady adaptation of your winter favorites.

The best way to begin transitioning your wardrobe from winter to summer is to look to the pieces that are a neutral color or pattern, eliminating all fair isle prints. Take the grey sweater pictured, for example. The sweater was paired with a lightweight cotton harem pant to counteract the heavy texture of the sweater, thus creating a transitional look.

Also, try tucking the bottom of a sweater upwards to create a cropped effect, as pictured, to blend in one of spring’s hottest trends into your winter item, further enhancing the transitional appeal of the ensemble.

—Missy Pasquale
Modeled by Cecily Ogden