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A Lesson on Inspiration

Written by Jackie Onderko. Posted in Accessories

Being a fashion major, my artistic abilities are always being tested.  Since running short of fresh, new ideas is unacceptable, what must one do?  We get inspired, of course!

Inspiration can come from anywhere- people, places, things, concepts.  The key is to find inspiration that works for you specifically.  Not everyone can look at a picture of nature and resurrect a genius idea.  On the other hand, not everyone can leaf through a magazine and become motivated to try out a new trend.

A few years ago I noticed that so many different things gave me inspiration.  I wanted to capture all the pictures, magazines, and moments that gave me these wonderful thoughts and bright ideas.

With a simple composition book, I created something that I would literally die without- my own, personal book of inspiration.

My book contains magazine clippings, pictures of street fashion, parts of blog posts from my favorite fashion bloggers, quotes that motivate me, and so much more.  The neat thing about the book is that it is always being updated.  I am constantly cutting out pictures from magazines or printing off photos from the internet.

Not only was it extremely easy to create, it still is incredibly rewarding.  I can flip through the pages when I am feeling unmotivated and I instantly become excited to start a new project.  The motivation I get from this book is different from a typical magazine or blog post because all the images and words were specifically chosen by ME.  Every page has its own meaning, making the entire book mean so much more.

I encourage everyone, not just fashion majors, to create a book of their own.  A little inspiration goes a long way.


— Jackie