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Spring: Hair and Makeup

Written by Raina. Posted in Accessories, Trends

To find out what the trends for hair and makeup are for this spring, I went to Harper’s Bazaar website. They reported the trends straight from the runway and provided pictures to see the different variations of each look.

The top makeup trends they listed were:

  • Red lips  (various shades)
  • Cat eyes (square, drawn out, double lines, etc.)
  • Bold eyebrows
  • “extreme smoky eyes”
  • “Sporty cheeks” (sun kissed, flushed, glowing, peachy, etc.)
  • Metallic silver (on eye lids)
  • Pops of color (on or around the eyes)
  • “Doll lashes”
  • Glitter around the eyes
  • Pink “rosebud” lips
  • Youthful skin

The top hair trends they listed were:

  • Wet hair
  • Ponytails
  • Wavy
  • “embellished updos”
  • Big Blowouts
  • Braids and twists

For the makeup trends, overall I liked the look of all that were posted. However, on myself, I would skip out on a few of these such as the silver metallic eyes, the extreme smoky eyes, the pops of color on the eyes, glitter around the eyes, and the doll lashes.

For the hair trends, I also liked all of those as well (some variations more than others). For myself, I would wear the hair trends that were more toned down and minimal.