Senior Designer Spotlight: A Work in Progress

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Throughout the semester we will be featuring senior fashion design students, checking in on their progress with their senior collection and picking their brains on inspiration, challenges of the design process and post-graduation plans. This week’s featured designer is Salena Holmes whose senior collection is entitled “Transformation.”

How did you become interested in fashion design?

I have always been interested in design. It’s weird, but I don’t remember not being interested in fashion. I was 130206_BLITZ_JW01always into art and drawing clothes, even when I was only about seven or eight years old.

What is the inspiration behind your senior collection?

My inspiration stems from chemical weathering. I was looking at a lot of natural formations, taking the shapes created by negative space and contrasting them with the positive space to inspire a lot of my silhouettes and cutouts. Also, the idea of transformation and alchemy came into play a lot regarding the mood and textures of my fabrics.

What fabrics did you use in constructing the garments in your collection?

My collection is fall/winter, and I am using a lot of heavy fabrics in my outerwear and separates. I have a few coated wool felts, neoprene, coated linen and light knits for some pants.

 What has been your biggest challenge so far?

130206_BLITZ_JW03I think besides the actual sewing process, it was a really difficult process narrowing down all of the designs that I had been developing and sketching to the ones that I would ultimately create. This collection is something that has been in our heads for so long, it was hard to finalize a lot of the ideas knowing that the time had finally come to make what we envisioned.

What are your aspirations for after graduation?

I’m trying to have an open mind for plans post-graduation. After living in NYC for a while last year, I would like to return to the city and work for a designer that I love.

—Annie & Megan

Photos by Jenna Watson

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