Nail Polish Frenzy

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Style Nail PolishNail polish has always been a fun and unexpected way to accessorize an outfit. Nowadays, the cosmetics industry is pushing the preset boundaries of basic colors and using more advanced technologies and methods to create unique polish trends and effects.

Magnetic nail polishes are becoming increasingly popular. I am a huge fan of Essie nail polish, so when I stumbled across their new magnetic Repstyle Collection, I just had to try it. The collection includes some metallic and some color shades. On a first glance, these bottles seem to contain the same-old shimmer nail polish. In actuality, the bottle contains a special kind of polish that, when used in conjunction with the provided magnetic top, creates a crocodile or snakeskin pattern and appears as though the surface was a 3D texture. I own sssssexy from this collection, which comes in a deep ruby red, and the snakeskin pattern is the perfect accent for the popular one-odd-nail-out trend or a uniformly painted set of digits. Other magnetic nail polishes are available to create numerous patterns including stripes, flowers and even waves! These polishes can be found at drugstores and specialty beauty shops.

TS-FALLNAILSMagnetized nail polishes aren’t the only out-of-the-box trends available. Other specialty nail polishes include:

-        Matte formulas that create a suede-like appearance
-        Natural polishes that are completely toxin free, like the brand Zoya
-        The Caviar nail polish kit (which includes tiny beads and adhesive to create a unique 3D effect)
-        The recently popular crackle nail polishes
-        The easy on-the-go nail polish strips

The possibilities are endless!

These polish effects come in many brands and price ranges so it is easy to attain this new fashion must. The range of unique effects and abilities that nail polishes have is increasing by the season. Watch the magazines to keep up with the latest trends, try them out, and see which ones you like the best!


Photo By Ross Hailey | MCT
Photo By Don Bensman Jr. | MCT

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