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Rainy Day necessity

Written by Caitlin Restelli. Posted in Trends

As I look out my window, I’m seeing gray clouds and a light breeze pushing through the trees. The weatherman so kindly told me that this week is supposed to be rainy every day — not my ideal kind of weather. I hate rain, but who would like it?

With rain comes rain attire. In high school, if you are wear rain boots, people would probably snicker at you and crack jokes. I’ve been told by friends who go to other schools that if they wear rain boots, people would still snicker. However, at Kent State, rain boots are a fashion statement. Take a look at people as they walk by you on the Esplanade during a rainy day. They will most likely be wearing rain boots.

I love rain boots because there are so many different kinds for you to choose from, and if you shop at the right places, you can get great deals on them.

Check out mine for example. I love animal prints (fake ones! no worries). Once I saw the zebra print, I was a goner. I found them at Marshall’s for $19.99. Not a bad deal to keep my socks and the bottom of the jeans dry for the remainder of the day.

You can also find nice ones at Target, T.J. Maxx and Payless. If you’ve found great deals at other stores, post a comment and help a girl out!




Hair accessory: Headbands

Written by Caitlin Restelli. Posted in Accessories, Trends

Today’s lesson: Headbands

A headband’s use is to keep hair off of the face, so while accomplishing that, why don’t we be cute and stylish too?

Headbands accentuate outfits quite well and every headband has something unique to it.

I love headbands on a rainy day or when I simply don’t feel like having my hair down.  They can make a crappy-looking day into a good-looking day.

You can find headbands basically anywhere.  I find my favorite headbands at Forever21. They’re reasonably priced and they have a plethora to choose from.

I like this one (above right) with my lighter colored shirts because it’s very springy.

Army what?

Written by Caitlin Restelli. Posted in Trends

When I hear the word Army, I think of people fighting a war or people protecting my country — notan adjective describing a style of a coat.

But as the colder weather entered Kent last week, I saw a bundle of Army green coats and jackets throughout the campus. I even caved when I went home and purchased one from H&M, and I’m in love with it.

These jackets and coats are simple and very in. A simple, light scarf can always be added to it with your outfit to add more colors. Not only are they stylish, but they also do the job of keeping you warm when walking against that chilly wind.