Beauty Blitz: Blowout Bars

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Although you may not live in the metropolitan areas that are always the first to see the beauty and fashion trends, you can still admire them from afar, anxiously awaiting their touchdown in your town.

One beauty retailer trend that is making waves in big cities is the blowout bar.  Based on the belief that all women deserve a good blowout, these express salons are gaining popularity among those who value the sleek look of a professional blowout.  Blowout bars are stationed to present women with a little taste of luxury, offering parties and prosecco all in the name of good hair.  Cutting out the cuts and color, these salons are taking a specialized approach.  Glamorous, girly décor and the lure of a social gathering make these bars hot spots, happy hour or not.

Perhaps one of the more notable examples of these beauty bars is Drybar. Started by Alli Webb, Drybar serves to offer customers the best blowout in an entertaining atmosphere. Continuing with the bar trend, Drybar provides a “menu” of options and sells gift cards in the form of coasters. The styles share their names with popular drinks including the Cosmopolitan, Mai Tai and Southern Comfort. Buttercup, a bright yellow blow dryer, serves as the mascot of the brand and decorates Drybars in the form of chandeliers. Drybar currently has locations in California, New York, Arizona, Texas and Georgia. As the blowout bar trend continues, Drybar plans to open additional locations in the future. Hopefully one by you!

Other popular blowout bars include New York’s Blow, Seattle’s Swink Style Bar and North America’s Original Blow Dry Bar, Blo.

Until one of these bars blow into a town by you, check out Marie Claire’s 6 Steps to Your Best Blowout, and invite some friends over for a blowout party of your own!



Photos by Al Seib of the Los Angeles Times| MCT


Trendy Finds

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During welcome weekend I spotted some fun trends that I adore. Here are a few that would add a cute touch to any outfit.

Cat-Eyed Sunglasses


My new obsession is cat-eyed sunglasses! My friend bought hers from Target for only $15! Cat-eyed glasses also come in more high-fashioned brands such as Ray- Bans and Dior. If you are willing to pay around $150 for them you can easily find them at a Sunglass Hut near you.

Nail Color

Ladies your nails should be polished with a cute color for the start this semester. My roommate had a wonderful violet polish that I used (Revlon, Charming. $6 in any drug store). Some of my favorite colors are nude (when it chips it isn’t too noticeable), pink, red, dark purple and black. I use the Sally Hansen Complete Care 4-in-1 Treatment as a base coat ($9 at any drug store), two coats of a preferred color and top it off with Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Anti-Chip Top Coat ($6 at any drug store).

Tribal Patterns


Tribal patterns in clothing have been popping up everywhere this summer and will definitely continue to be seen throughout this school year. Make sure that you aren’t wearing tribal patterns throughout your whole outfit. Too much tribal patterns together will make you look like you’re ready for Halloween. A simple tribal tee and one-colored pants are just the right amount of pattern without over doing it.

These are only a few of my favorite trends. I will make sure to spotlight all of my go-to styles for a fashionable school year.







VMAs Red Carpet Fashion

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The 2012 MTV Video Music Awards took place this past Thursday. The fashion choices were interesting, to say the least.

Miley Cyrus sported her new blonde, punk-styled hair cut, which looks very much like Pink’s usual do. She wore a dramatic, black dress with lightning bolt earrings to enhance her new rocker vibe.

Always one to dress uniquely, Nicki Minaj sported a black and red, lacey jumpsuit that showed off every single one of her curves. Her yellow hair was worn under a black cop-like hat.

Kesha also wore a black, lacey frock. She rocked a thigh-high dress with a black, shaggy purse. Emma Watson looked adorable, but her outfit will be bashed on Fashion Police. I can hear Joan Rivers saying, “She looks like a Swedish Milk-Maid!”

My favorite girl of the night was Taylor Swift. She rocked a white suit with shiny gold shoes. She looked so chic. I also loved her striped, red top with black shorts and red oxfords that she wore to perform in. It is nice to see that even though Taylor does not perform in skimpy outfits, people adore her. Her performance of “We are Never Getting Back Together” definitely stole the show.