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We’ve all seen adorable, wearable art walking the streets this summer. My favorite trend of the season, now that it is nearly over and transforming into fall, is the peplum trend. I love that peplum can be turned into casual and formal wear with several different types of clothing. High fashion designers such as Marc Jacobs, Cynthia Rowley and Giorgio Armani have been displaying this trend on spring/summer runways, among others. I was so excited to see one of the most feminine silhouettes cover the catwalks.
Peplum, to be defined, is referred to a piece of ruffled fabric attached to the waist. It can be considered the one detail that can add a fashionable touch to any outfit. I have friends who own floral peplum tops from Anthropologie, and I have even bought a peplum skirt from Forever 21 in the past! Since I was working at a boutique this summer, I learned how to style people to fit current trends. I really have a passion for that, and we had tons of clothing that had a peplum touch!
From this, I will do my best to give you all my style advice for this trend. For casual wear, I would do my best to wear a sleeveless peplum top with skinny jeans and a wedged heel or colorful pair of flats. I would wear a necklace with this look, but I wouldn’t go overboard with it. I like minimal jewelry with the peplum trend, almost similar to an Audrey Hepburn look. Peplum dresses can be a bit more complex, which can allow for skinny belts, edgy purses or clutches and stylish earrings. I would consider wearing a belt because of how well it will accentuate the hourglass shape that peplum can allow. A peplum skirt will always be one of my favorite items. With my black peplum skirt, I wear it with different patterned blouses and several bangles for a sophisticated look.
In the end, you can really take this trend and run with it. I love designers who are able to dress up peplum in a way that consumers are able to gain serious inspiration from. I have a good feeling that you all will be reading “runway to real way” pieces from me this year. If you have any suggestions or comments about this trend, feel free to let me know! Since we do belong to the third best fashion school in the United States, it’s easy to find fashionable peplum outfits around campus. I will also be sure to report those while writing for College Fashionista as a Style Guru this fall! Until next time, readers!


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Spotted Styles

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My recent visit to Washington D.C. was beautiful. I had the chance to visit well-known monuments and do some shopping in Georgetown. On my way to the monuments and memorials I spotted an obvious flash of colors in the midst of the other tourists. Neon colored shoes and other active wear were not hard to miss. Nike has a wonderful collection of every neon color imaginable for about $100 (Woman’s Nike;

Another trend I noticed was salmon colored khaki shorts. I should have counted the amount of guys were wearing them. I kind of like the look, but it’s definitely a frat-boy wardrobe necessity.

One girl I met had a really nice iPhone cover that was made out of wood. I really like these cases and know that has a lot of handmade ones that are a bit more expensive. I also checked out Amazon where the price for wooden cases ranges from $6 to $15.

I can’t wait to visit Washington again in the near future. It’s a beautiful city with beautiful architecture. Enjoy the warm weather because fall is here and snow is soon to follow.




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Summer may be almost over, but you can still use these great tips for the other three seasons as well. If you are as fascinated with Pinterest as I am, you may have noticed the “dip dye” trend recently. This trend is so user-friendly and has really expanded during the warm summer months! Take an old pair of denim shorts that you might consider throwing away, and dip them in bleach. Suddenly you have a two-toned pair of jeans that can be coupled with pattered tops or strappy sandals. By doing some research, I’ve seen dresses, collared shirts, maxi skirts and everything in between with a little pop of colored dye. I’m all for recycling clothing or finding hidden treasures at a thrift store. This is the perfect way to take old clothing and make it new again!


While clothing may be a popular dip dye source, hair may also be incorporated into this trend! As we’ve all seen (and possibly experimented with) the ombré hair trend is everywhere. Why not take it a step further and add some color? The idea of “chalking” some color into your hair has been seen on the streets and music festivals all summer. To transform your hair into every color of the rainbow, you must first find a smock or towel to protect your clothing from the pastel chalk. In order to section off the pieces of hair, it would be best to wrap them with a paper towel so the chalk can be fully absorbed into your hair. The trick is to twist each section of hair and rub the chalk downward at your ends. Be sure to shampoo and condition your hair more than usual because chalk can dry your hair out. Watching video tutorials may also help! You can find the pastel chalk at Michael’s for a cheap price.



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