A Fashion Night Out

Written by Garmai Matthew. Posted in Accessories

Kent State University’s CSSA Chinese New Year Celebration!



Talk about a glamorous night! I kicked off the Chinese New Year with my good friends Shiyao Peng and Alexander Cho, two of Kent State University’s Fashion School most stylish students. From tasty dishes to the dragon performance and the numerous talented acts, it was overall a fabulous event. Check out photos of this style-tastic night full of good laughs, entertainment and celebration!

Kent State University’s CSSA: Facebook

— Garmai

Quite the Collection: “KTZ Spring Menswear 2013″

Written by Garmai Matthew. Posted in Accessories, Designer

KTZ never fails to take fashion to the next level with no boundaries or limitations. KTZ’s spring menswear collection embodies athleticism, masculinity and high fashion. These complex and very contrasting elements make KTZ’s collection that much more intriguing. I can honestly say, as a woman, I am obsessed with menswear and the tediousness that goes making a successful collection. KTZ is by far, in my opinion, the real trailblazers and innovators of menswear that will continue to shatter norms and bring fantasy and sci-fi elements into fashion.

— Garmai

Gearing Up For Winter

Written by Asia Jenkins. Posted in Accessories, Trends

We’ve all felt it these last few weeks, the drag that comes with dealing with the abnormal weather patterns that — without fail — always hit Ohio during this time of year. Some days it’s below freezing with blizzards and snow laden roads, and others you would almost be sure spring is right around the corner and the time for snow boots is over.

With this unstable weather, the temptation to abandon our fashion-focused minds is stronger than ever. While it may be easy to slug off into the world wearing high school sweatpants and comfy hoodies, somehow I managed to find a few ladies who haven’t sacrificed style for easy comfort.

WOOLThis first gal managed to use this stylish jacket to both stay warm and make a statement. From head to toe she definitely owned her look while keeping a cohesive feel. The jacket is a leather and wool combo that gives great blockage against the cold winds while locking in the warmth. She even pays homage to this year’s Pantone color by rocking a pair of emerald pants and white shirt with a sugar skull print comprised of various shapes and colors. Overall I’d give this girl an A+ for finding a way to stay warm and look great while doing it.

Lady number two went for a lighter feel during these dreary times. The first thing that caughtFOREST my eye was her great floral print pants. With shades of floral green and hints of pink she really made the tone of the colors stand out by pairing it with thick heeled combat boots and forest green boot socks. The widened heel gives greater stability when it comes to trekking through the snow and slush, so all of you heel lovers out there can still get your fix. Throw in the big studded tan bag and we’ve got a winner for this winter look.

Finally, the last lady of the hour managed to impress me because she took me back to my previous post about what fabrics you wear. Starting with the top, this girl managed to find a one-of-a-kind piece in the form of a navy blue, suede button SUEDEdown top with a leather collar and pocket flaps. She paired it with a pair of navy blue suede smoker slippers with a metal-capped toe. Her matching skills are way above par because if you want to match multiple pieces in your clothing, you really have to go for it.

So for the few months of war we have left with this weather that just will not seem to stop, prepare for battle by avoiding the go-to comfort clothes and sprucing up your look. Because if you look good, you’ll no doubt feel good and be prepared for anything this Ohio weather will throw at you.

—  Asia