The Perks of Online Shopping

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TS-SHOPSITEMy biggest weakness, I would have to say, is online shopping. There’s nothing easier than booting up your computer, clicking on things you like and placing the order. Websites these days know how to pull you in and make you buy.

With today’s technology, websites are able to track whatever you are looking at. Say I am just browsing the Internet and looking at a certain pair of pumps. Every time I get online those same pumps pop up in my email, YouTube ads — everywhere.

It’s impossible to ignore these beautiful shoes that are haunting you, so of course you give in and buy them. Websites also feature things like “wish lists.” These wish lists let you click on the items you want and save them so that you can come back in a few days (when you get your paycheck) and purchase all of your saved items.

The reason I love to online shop is that there is always different merchandise than what the store has to offer, plus all of the sizes are usually available. Websites these days are so organized and easy to navigate that you can find the exact product you are looking for within minutes.

Why search through a crowded store for hours when you can find what you want in the comfort of your own home? I’m sure there are people who still enjoy the busy shopping mall and the long lines, but for me, online shopping is the way to go.


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Guys’ Night Out

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Guys, I know you appreciated my tips on tights and closed-toe heels a few months back and have been putting my advice to use while getting ready to go out in these colder months. Not to worry! This week’s blog is all about getting you boys through the next couple Thursdays and Saturdays.

BFrankThere’s no sense in being the “tough” guy walking in just a t-shirt during a Thursday night blizzard. With winter weather in full swing, the name of the game in weekend style is layering, and senior Brian Frank, pictured at right, is no stranger on to play.

The thought behind Frank’s winter ensembles is to move from place to place without breaking a sweat or catching frostbite. Keeping in mind the basics of layering thin to thick and adding elements of texture and color, his outfit is anything but the generic t-shirt and jeans.

A staple for all season, Frank’s chambray shirt by Polo gives a good starting place for his ensemble. Hunter chinos, also by Polo, are a cool but casual choice for pants, adding color against the denim blue of his shirt. A Fred Perry track jacket is the highlight of the look in a dark cranberry. His cream Polo scarf adds a cozy texture and needed neutral color, while his Nixon watch and bracelets by Good Wood and Miansai tie together the outfit.

Ready to up your going-out style? Make sure you have a go-to jacket, a few casual button-up shirts, a cardigan and a pair of chinos in your wardrobe that can be mixed and matched to get the look. By layering, leaving the bulky coat at home can look cool and keep you warm.

— Amanda

Quite the Thrifter

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Now this is probably the ultimate thrifting challenge! I know the overwhelming feeling when I walk into Unique, the huge  thrift store on Lakeshore in Ohio. There’s something to say about the feeling of trying to find the best and cutest-used-hidden treasure buried in the aisles of the store. Fashionista guru Jennim tackles the ultimate challenge of finding a complete look thrifted from head to toe. Talk about a trailblazer. Her thrifting strategy is simple. Shoes first then begin your search through the madness! She also notes the cool finds you’d be surprised what little tokens you can find for home decor. Overall, this girl is awesome, and her YouTube channel is the “go-to-tube” for fashion know-hows.