Fabric Makes the Clothes

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How often do you take the time to think about the fabric of your clothes when you get dressed for the day? Not often I would guess. I know that I barely stop to consider it. Sure, I consider what colors look good together and whether my outfit is prepared for battle with the outside world’s temperature. But I never ponder if I should wear the jersey knit dress or if I should go with the wool sweater. You may be wondering by now what my point is. Well, I thought I’d introduce you to the wonders of the fabric known as brocade.

Despite what you may think, brocade is not just for that comfy couch your grandmother seems to have owned all of your life. It’s actually a versatile fabric that can be used in a multitude of ways that has nothing to do with home décor. It’s a fabric you can implement into your every day wear with little effort and look good while doing it. So I thought I’d share a few of my favorite looks so you can start adding to your closet.


FASH-PROM-INSPIRATIONOne piece that caught my eye was a modest above the knee number from Zara. This dress is a great way for any girl who likes accentuate her waist and make her legs look miles long to wear a brocade. With a high neckline this dress is appropriate for those future corporate dinners you’ll be attending or a night out on the town with your girls. The fabrics pattern is just the right touch of pop with a dash of subtle. While the gold would normally be overbearing on such a silhouette, the black give it just the right amount of balance to make it pleasing to the eye.







As a female, you know that sometimes one of your best weapons when it comes to facing the outside world is your ability to flirt. With this sassy little piece from Target most of the work is already done for you, which is just the way it should be. This brocade with its bright, yet muted, floral pattern is great for a girl who is not afraid to stand out a bit and express her style. The overlaying piece coming from the bottom of the belted waist adds uniqueness to this dress that takes it from a standard fitted to flared dress to a splashy piece that draws attention. Add in the pockets and you have both a great conversation starter and a way to ease into your flirt game.






Some people just need a dash of flash to get through their day, and this brocade is anything but bland. Let’s just say with these pants there will be little need for reflective tape on your way to those frat parties or bars you’ll be hitting up. Nothing was held back in this pattern with metallic golds, greens and rustic reds. These parts are the kind of bottom you can dress up more or make the main feature of your ensemble. I personally would pair it with a black fitted cotton shirt, a black fitted blazer, chuncky off-white strands of pearls and a pair of moss-green heeled-hiker boots.

So with this I’ve given you some looks for thought, and I hope you take this with you. Give your fabrics a bit more consideration, and be open to looks you may not have considered before.


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Bottom photo by Bill Hogan | MCT

Fashion & Style

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A new year is a perfect opportunity for lifestyle resolutions, but it’s also a great time to come up with some creative fashion resolutions to revamp your wardrobe for a fresh start. Here are our fashion resolutions.

Megan Edit



Although I could never truly part with my favorite black blazer, colored suiting is making a splash in 2013. This bright pink blazer is just the key to transition into the New Year with a pop of color. Look for pieces that can work with your current wardrobe while taking a step out of your comfort zone.



For 2013, I’m doing away with the floral jeans trend and replacing my printed pants with chunky knit sweaters. I’ve found myself integrating many more sweaters with my wardrobe so far this year and wear them practically every day.




This year, out with the classic lace dress and in with intricate sheer overlays. For 2013, prepare to ditch all-over lace pieces in exchange for more baroque motifs. This means out with the classic lace dress and in with ornate overlays. One 2012 staple I refuse to part with is my lightweight parka-jacket. Once the winter temperatures subside, re-introduce your jacket by pairing it with a tee, shorts and sandals for a carefree spring look.



My fashion resolution is to vow to leave peplums back in 2012. We’ve seen peplum overkill everywhere: on tops, dresses and even blazers (who thought that was a good idea, anyway?) One thing I’m keeping in 2013 is these B.P by Nordstrom distressed ankle booties. They’re the perfect everyday boot that can easily be dressed up or down, and they’re a great budget staple at less than $100.

Photos by Jenna Watson


Beauty Item of the Week

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November proved to be an exciting month for Urban Decay fans awaiting the release of the first matte Naked eye shadow palette: Naked Basics. The palette contains an array of neutral shadows, including four brand new shades, which can be worn alone or combined with edgier colors. At half the price of the full-sized Naked and Naked2 palettes, Naked Basics is a great alternative for the less-experienced make-up artist. Be sure to pick up a new shadow brush since the palette does not include an applicator!

Sephora, $27.00

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