Stylize Your Winter Wardrobe

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As we head into the last stretch of winter, it may seem as though your winter wardrobe has hit a drone. The colors are stagnant, and you’re sick of not looking fashionable when you head into the snow.

There are a couple tips and tricks for keeping warm and looking your best even when the cold weather has you down.

-       TS-LEGWEAR 1 SL  This goes without saying, but a cute winter hat and matching gloves are a great way to stay warm. Winter hats and gloves range in style, color and functionality purposes so you’re sure to find something you like. Pick up a colorful beret or perhaps some of those special texting gloves! Hats are also a great way to protect winter hairstyles from suffering in high winds and snow.

-         Plush tights are my favorite 2012 discovery. They are an opaque stocking with a fleece-lined interior, and they are just the trick when you want to wear a cute skirt or dress but have to walk all the way across campus to your class. Pair these with some cute knee socks and riding boots and your legs will stay toasty and trendy.

-         Adding a belt to your trench or pea coat is another great way to add some style to your outerwear. I prefer the wide elastic belts because generally, they can fit over more of the bulk from the coat, but any belt will work as long as it fits! You can get belts in so many different widths, styles and colors. Simply throwing one onto your waist before heading outside adds just the right pop of color to your winter ensemble.

TS-SHORTSLEEVECOATS 3 TB-         Jewelry is another simple way to accessorize. Big chunky necklaces or longer chains work best when working around scarves and bulky collars. Play around with your jewelry, and see what works!

Some other options include vintage broaches and fun handbags; the possibilities are endless! Use these tips and tricks and you won’t be resentful toward your closet this winter.


Top right photo by Tom McCarthy Jr.| MCT
Bottom left photo by E. Jason Wambsgans |MCT

2013 – The Year of YOU

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Happy New Year Readers!

I always end the year with an honest purge of my closet. Into the consignment pile goes garments that are too small, (hopefully) too big and clothes way past their wearing point. Also making their way out are all items that I will sincerely never wear again, no matter how much I try to convince myself that I will.

In the excitement of starting the New Year fresh with new clothes, I was eager to make myself ready for 2013. The buzz about emerald has been a topic on any social media facet with an idea of what Pantone is, but I was looking for more to get the year started as fashionably as possible.

And I found a whole lot of nothing. No major trends to look for, no specific silhouettes, no color palettes and no key fabric. I then reconsidered 2013 fashion; maybe all this nothing that I was finding was really a sign of opportunity.

We are all entirely trended out. We complained about the sameness in the hoards of studded combat boots on the Esplanade in October, the peplums taking over frat parties in November and the dozens of Instagram pics of Michael Kors watches at Christmas. With all of its projected nothing, 2013 is allowing us all the greatest opportunity in fashion — the freedom from being trendy.

So, readers, I propose to make 2013 the year of you. Aim to find and define your individual style. Are you a mini-skirt party star whose been dying to trade in for a maxi? Are you a monochromatic muse wanting to add a pop of neon to your look? Are you a button up and khakis student craving some rocker chic leather?

Be selfish with your style in 2013. Make this the year of dressing how YOU want to dress.


Mobile Shoppers

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Of all people, my mother is the one who keeps me up-to-date when it comes to my iPhone. She’s one of those tech-savvy people who likes to harass me with the latest apps she’s found, but luckily they are usually worth the constant notifications, invites, text messages and emails I get from her.

In an effort to make your holiday shopping as productive as it can be, here are some of Alison’s favorite free apps that are available for both iPhone and Android.

Key Ring

If you’re tired of constantly digging through your wallet for your frequent customer cards, this app is a lifesaver. Simply scan the barcode of your loyalty card, and the app matches it to the appropriate store, storing all those pesky cards at your fingertips while freeing up your wallet space.


If you are constantly on the hunt for the best price available, this is the app for you. All you have to do is scan an item’s barcode, and you will be instantly provided with the best price options, both online and in stores nearby. This app provides a “Buy Now” option to purchase immediately from an online retailer and also directions to local stores.


This app makes shopping as easy as it can be, giving you rewards just for walking into a store. Shopkick lets you earn points, or “kicks”, by entering a store, scanning specific items or making purchases if you choose to link your Visa or Mastercard to the app. Once you’ve stocked up on your kickbucks, redeem them for restaurant vouchers, gift cards, movie tickets, Facebook credits or certain products such as a latte from Starbucks.

Now make my mom proud, and put these apps to use this month. I wish you all the best of luck on your holiday shopping endeavors!


Photo by Patrick Tehan | MCT