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All right, spill! (The contents of your bag)

Written by Raina. Posted in Accessories

Not only do I have a love for handbags, but I also enjoy viewing (through magazines, blogs, and youtube) what essentials everyone else is carrying around in their bag. Today you can view what Jennifer, my twin sister, is carrying in her bag. Hope you enjoy!


Name: Jennifer

School: Miami University

Major: Biology

Year: Senior


What brand is your bag and where did you purchase it?

Longchamp Hobo. I won it online at

Does this bag double as a school bag and a purse for you?

Yes, I use it as both. I do not carry a separate purse, it’s too much.

How heavy would you say your bag is on a regular basis?

40 pounds at least. I know because it sets off the seatbelt indicator in my car.

Now, show/tell us what is in your purse/schoolbag! (contents shown in picture)

  • Keys-“I love my miniature moccasin because it’s an exact replica of my life size one. My I.D. is on here because I’ve had to replace this $45 card four or five times, so now I attach it to my keys.”
  • Orbit gum-“The only gum I chew. I rotate monthly between the Peppermint, Wintermint, and Spearmint.”
  • iPod-“I don’t listen to it too much, but if I get bored before class I listen to it.”
  • Perfume sample-“I always keep one in my purse.”
  • Pens (Bic 730 R)-“Only brand I use. It’s really fine point.”
  • Purell-“You can never be too clean on a college campus.”
  • Aquaphor-“It’s the best lip mositurizer I’ve used thus far. Natural with a little shine.”
  • Harney&Sons Hot Cinnamon Spice-Spicy Black Tea-“My favorite tea of all time. It’s very cinnamony.”
  • Advil-“Always have pain killers, you never know.”
  • Notecards-“I make these to study in between classes.”
  • Pencil case-“It holds everything. Its my little emergency kit.”
  • Lotion-“Always have lotion, especially in the winter. Who wants ashy hands?”
  • Contact solution-“I wear contacts so my eyes get dry really fast, especially during all nighters at the library.”
  • Sunglasses with case-“There’s always a UV index, even with cloud cover, so I always wear these.”
  • Hobo Wallet-“It’s my favorite wallet. The color matches everything and I love the French coin purse.”
  • C.O.Bigelow Lip balm-“This salve solves it all haha! It’s for lips and dry spots”
  • Blackberry cell phone-“Mostly use this for emails.”
  • Two textbooks-“Endocrinology and Biochemistry.”
  • Two notebooks-“These are the best notebooks because you can use it semester after semester and refill it infinitely.”
  • Moleskine Planner-“Moleskin makes the best notebooks and planners. This is my 6th one.”
  • MacBook Pro-“I feel secure when I have it. It stresses me out when I don’t have all of my computer documents with me at all times.”


What are some necessities that you always carry in your bag?