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Florence Fashion — the San Lorenzo market

Written by Caitlin Restelli. Posted in Retailers

Ciao! I am writing from Florence this semester for the fashion blog. I will be talking about Italian fashion, places to shop around Florence and more. I hope you enjoy!

Welcome to one well-known market in Florence Italy. It is called the San Lorenzo market and filled with a plethora of merchants selling leather coats, wallets, scarves, hats and more.


I was introduced to this market my first week here. These markets are very similar to Chinese markets, like in New York City, except they don’t take you into a random van to show you their products.

However, sometimes the people who have a tent will ask you to come back to their stores to show you more.

You simply walk up to a tent and peruse through what they have. The biggest downside to markets like these is that the Italians jump down your throat trying to sell you what they have. What I’ve noticed is that the Italian men are much more persistent and will not leave you alone. The women are much more laid back and let you take your time looking.

The best deals here I’ve found so far are the scarves. Everyone in my group of friends is investing in scarves because you can get three for 12 euro, which is equivalent to $15.78. Prices vary from tent to tent, so it’s best not to buy the first one you see because it may be cheaper at another one.

You also have to be very careful with leather at these markets because they could be scamming you. Next week I will be talking about what the best leathers are here and how to tell if leather is fake or real.

It’s fun to just walk through the tents and peruse on a sunny afternoon, too. The Italians are generally nice, but the also automatically know you’re American, which can be annoying.

Can’t wait to tell you guys more about my times here! Until next time, ciao!