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Fashion Blitz — Outdoor edition

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Taylor’s pick: Toggles

Designers Derek Lam and Reed Krakoff are doing it — why shouldn’t you? When looking for fall/winter coats, look for one with extra detail on it. Toggles are perfect for making your coat different from all the others. They give any coat an equestrian feel that mixes well with any style or personality.

Try adding a printed scarf to your outfit. It will add the perfect pop of color or print to any simple look. Throw a long shoulder bag (there is no need to carry around everything, so keep it smaller.) A simple, classic-style purse with the right hardware is the right addition. Make your look worthy of walking the runway by wearing a pair of thigh-high boots; you will be turning heads everywhere on campus.

—Taylor Parks 

Jacket: Gentle Fawn, Noto, $169
Scarf: Noto, $15
Purse: Gentle Fawn, Noto, $68
Gold Headband: Noto, $5


Fashion Blitz — Vintage

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Taylor’s pick

Vintage is a great way to create your own style. A way to wear vintage is to find one amazing, standout piece of clothing.

When you take one vintage piece and mix it with your newer clothing, it is a perfect way to keep your look modern.

Try a vintage jacket with some personality. This sequin, cropped bolero is perfect for day or night. Pair it with a solid tee and jeans to keep the look casual. Simply add a pair of heels at night to hit up the town.

Just remember, when you have a show-stopping piece of clothing make sure you keep the rest of the outfit toned down.

-Taylor Parks


Fashion Blitz — Accessories edition

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Missy’s pick: bright yellows









It’s no secret that any outfit can be livened up with a pop of color,but what colors have you
tried thus far?

This fall, try brightening up a subdued ensemble with accessories in one of the
hottest colors trending: yellow.

When deciding what to pair with your yellow accessories, first take advice from Wiz Khalifa and pair
it with black. Then, if you want to add additional colors to your ensemble, stick with other primaries
like kelly green and a lush red to create a blended color palette.

Don’t be afraid to push the boundaries this fall — the runways were littered with color, and the
changing leaves around you will help you blend in with your environment!

-Missy Pasquale

Bag, $62.99 at ModCloth
Shoes, $129 at ZaraBelt, $19.99 at Zara
Bracelet, $13.79 at Asos
Scarf, $34.99 at ModCloth