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Fashion Blitz — Buy Now, Wear Later

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Too often as students we make the mistake of accumulating fun pieces we can wear now but not in a professional setting. When it comes time for the career fairs and job interviews, we look to our closets only to become discouraged. It’s never too early to begin building a wardrobe of mix-and-matchable pieces that are appropriate for both work and play.

All clothes from: Ann Taylor LOFT in the Aurora Farms Outlets

Karen’s pick

It’s never too early to begin building a wardrobe of mix-and-matchable pieces that are appropriate for both work and play. My pick this week is not only a great “Casual Friday” option, but it’s also a fantastic example of how to make your tailored office essentials look funky enough for a night out on the town.

When it comes to finding stylish work attire that’s both age appropriate and suitable in price and quality, LOFT is hard to beat. To easily recreate this layered look on your own, stick to a neutral color palette and focus on pairing together textures that are aesthetically interesting.

A sequined tank, underneath a ruffled jacket, beneath a black fur vest, may sound extreme in theory, but paired with classically tailored wide-leg trousers, the overall look remains pulled together.

Increase the playful factor by throwing on a pair of printed pumps, layering on your favorite jewelry, and topping it all off with a chic sequined beret. The result is a look that’s simultaneously sophisticated and fun.

—Karen Zapp


Fashion Blitz — Fashion Resolutions

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Ashley’s resolutions:


1. Play up an outfit with different textures.

Along with color and fit, variation in texture can give even the simplest of outfits more character. My first resolution is to incorporate many elements of textures within certain looks, while still maintaining fluidity. As seen in my photo, the rough texture of the denim blouse paired with the sleek feel of the pants can create a more interesting aesthetic.

2. Avoid wearing sweatpants in public.

During the bitter cold winter months, it’s tempting to want to make a quick stop to the grocery store in sweatpants and a loose-fitting hoodie. I’m aiming to keep the sloppy attire strictly for lounging around the house this year.

3. Coordinate outfits with more of what I normally don’t wear.

A new year is a perfect opportunity to update and change your style. I want to evolve my own style even further by challenging myself to wear more of what I usually skimp on, such as hats and belts.

4. Get more creative by doing DIY projects.

Instead of spending money on a bag with fringe accents, this year I’m opting to turn it into a fun (and inexpensive) project and do it myself. A quick trip to the craft store for supplies can transform a plain shirt or handbag into one of this season’s most lusted-after pieces.

5. Step out of my own boundaries.

Everyone has outfits or certain pieces they frequently turn to whether it’s out of habit, laziness or it’s just within their own comfort zone. In 2012 I want to break away from any lack of creativity or inspiration and constantly experiment with different looks.

—Ashley Jaros

Fashion Blitz — the little black dress

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Taylor’s pick

‘Tis the season for LBDs — little black dresses. Just because the cold weather has come around and black has taken over our closets doesn’t mean we should wear it head to toe.

Black dresses are always a safe choice for holiday parties, dates and whatever may come around this season.

However, switch it up and add some color to your dress so you don’t blend into the crowd. Be bold and wear a pair of brightly colored tights. They are the perfect way to get out of the winter blues.

Jewelry is something else that you can use to distract from the black. Use some jewel-toned bracelets or gold earrings. Gold is great with black and stands out more than silver.

You can really make it your own with any colors and accessories you choose.

—Taylor Parks