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“Bill Cunningham: New York”

Written by Emily Marshall. Posted in Trends

“Fashion is the armor to survive everyday life.” —Bill Cunningham

One day while browsing Netflix, I came across the most amazing movie. The movie is called “Bill Cunningham: New York.” The movie is a documentary about this man Bill Cunningham and his daily life working for the New York Times Style Section.

He rides around the city of New York on his bike, wearing a plastic poncho when it rains. He spends his day photographing the stylish people of New York. Cunningham gets invites to all the most amazing New York events and fashion shows around the world, and he just so happens to live in Carnegie Hall.  Oh, he is also 83 years old.

He takes his work seriously and loves what he does with all of his heart. In his apartment, he lives what most would call a simple life. With only a cot and filing cabinets filled with his old photographs and archives of everything he’s had published, he lives a pretty quiet life.

People in the fashion industry are often considered a little shallow and a little judgmental, but not Cunningham. He seems like the sweetest man and he has such enthusiasm for fashion. He really lives and breathes fashion.  He has really spent his entire life doing what he loves.

I find that so refreshing. For an industry that tends to be so cut throat and challenging he is a very happy person. He also is not even swayed by celebrities (do not confuse him with the paparazzi). He only focuses on the clothes and whether the person is truly stylish. He able to spot trends like nobody’s business and create a layout in the paper that is fun to look at. He just looks for trends that people are just wearing all the street, just normal everyday people with a great look that he finds inspiring.

Anna Wintour has even said that “everyone gets dressed for Bill.”

If you have not seen this documentary, I highly recommend this movie. Now that the weather is rainy and cold it’s a good time to take a break from “Keeping up with the Kardashians” and learn a little about Bill Cunningham, a creative man who has spent his whole life doing quality work about what he loves most: fashion.